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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  September 25, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> this morning on good day we're learning more about two firefighters killed while battling flames in wilmington. what friends and neighbors are saying about the hear owes, who paid the ultimate price to protect their community. plus, major bummer. your car was ticketed and towed when south street closed on saturday. well, we've got some good news for you. >> and it is an eagles sunday. what the birds have to do to make it three in a row before the bye week. >> from the fox 29 studios. this is "good day philadelphia". weaken. good day, everybody, it is straight up 7:00. thank you so much for joining us, on this day. good morning to you, bill. >> good morning, karen hepp, good morning, scott williams. with a dot eagles have to do to continue their winning streak? >> they have to beat the other guy, get more points than the other guy.
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>> green, green, contrary, the weather. >> where is the grown? >> i don't want to mess up the green screen or anything like that. it is pretty cool yesterday. but the weather looks like good football weather. >> oh, it will be a great day. it feels lick fall. first full weekend of fall, the air crisp, little chilly stepping outdoors this sunday morning, so grab the fall fleece, light jacket, beautiful sunrise across the area, temperatures in the 30's, believe it or not, in the pocono mountains. temperatures by this afternoon will be below average, so not giving it a perfect ten on a scale of one to ten, we will give the weather for today a nine, look at ultimate doppler, fall front has pushed to our south, high pressure will be in control. wall-to-wall sunshine for today. but certainly, some chim i changes. look at those temperatures across the area right now. we have upper 40's, atlantic city, 53 in philadelphia, 50, right now in wilmington, 45 degrees in allentown. so, a loft sunshine out, there but once again, winds,
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generally out of the north, continuing to draw down some of that cooler air. so, hour by hour, by breakfast, 55, philadelphia, by brunch, 65, 70, the afternoon high. coming up we'll talk how long this fall feel will last, the football forecast, and also the coolest night since spring. that will be moving in. we'll talk about that and the seven day coming up after traffic. >> good sunday morning, everybody, if you are coming into the city, maybe for the eagles game later on, will inch con drive southbound down to one lane between green and wayne. doylestown, was closed over the weekend, stretch at 313, it is open for this morning, so, that's good news. oh, are you ready for some football? eagles 4:25, is the official kick off time. but you know we got to get down there early for some hot chocolate. make sure the grill works. some tailgating in the parking lot. we'll see you back here bright and early tomorrow morning, l jam cams, the forecast, let's go eagles.
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>> and a community is gathering together, following the devastating loss of two wilmington firefighters who were both killed in the line of duty. >> this morning, both are being remembered, such brave men, who were devote today their community. >> fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live near the wilmington fire department with more on the story. sabina? >> reporter: karen, such sad morning out here. now you can see flags at half staff here at this firehouse, and firehouses throughout the city as people here continue to grieve. firefighter jerry fick fick and christopher leach, first for the fire department, so much pain in this community as vigils were held here to honor the brave heroes. leach and fickes kind when the floor after burning home caved in as they battled a fire on lakeview road yesterday morning, at the catholic high school where chris leach graduated from, friends, loved ones, shared memories with us of both men. >> from early time i think he wanted to help people. i mean, he is clearly a
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protector, i think want to go help. he has pull up bars in every single doorway of his house. that will dude must do pull ups every time he walked through a door. he was a tough, tough guy. i'm going to miss him. >> this whole city certainly going to miss him. out here at station, one of the firehouses near where the scene actually my photographer and i remember driving here to this fire yesterday morning, and we had seen firefighters standing and sitting gathered here outside of the station. and the look on their faces told tuesday something terrible had a happened -- had happened. we new that headed to the scene. state fire mal solves continues to investigate the cause and the circumstances surrounding this fire. guys, back to you. >> sabina, thank you, it is 7:04. police in lehigh county removed a suspicious package outside a hotel from the celtic classic festival. officials were called out to the hotel women help about 8:00 p.m. last evening two, hours later member of the bomb squad put the item in a bag
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and walk away. officials are not saying what they found, but the streets reopened last night. the celtic classic is the largest celtic festival in north america, wrapping up today. >> 7:05, investigators in baltimore suggest that revenge was the motive in last night's shoot that injured eight people. eight people were shot including a three year old. just after 9:00. it happened about a block from an outdoor fair in east baltimore. eight victims were taken to local hospital. police say, thankfully, everyone expect the to be okay. investigators say that three gunmen are currently on the loose. and the man accused every killing five people friday during a shooting at a mall in washington is expected to appear in court tomorrow. police say that he walked into macy ace friday night, shot and killed four women, and one man. officers recovered a hunting style rifle at the scene with they believe was used in the shooting. 7:06 is the time.
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investigators say they've been unable to question new york and new jersey bombing suspect ahmad khan rahami because he is still in critical condition. they say he could be in the hospital for several more weeks recovering after gunshot wound during a police shoot-out in elizabeth, f.b.i. agent are bedside waiting for him to be conscious to speak with him. us customs and border patrol questioned rahami back in march of 2014, upon his return from a year long trip to pakistan. the fbi investigated but found no ties to terrorism. now authorities say the afghan born terror suspect had planned the bombings for month even ordering materials on ebay. >> police? charlotte released new video taken during the fatal shooting of keith lamont scott. one from officer wearing body camera who did not fire his weapon, and the other from the patrol car dash cam which did show the shooting. police also revealed those photos, that's the gun they say in a holster they say that he was wearing, an ankle holster. they say they also found drugs on him, the new video still
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only shows a partial view of the incident that led to the death. >> what we're giving you is the most complete puzzle that we can without trying the case out in public. the footage itself will not create in anyone's mind absolute certainty as to what this case represents and what the outcome should. >> specifically because of still uncertain from any of those videos, whether or not he, scott, was holding a gun. >> and officials at the cdc are looking into an outbreak of e-coli across several states. they say that it sickened seven people. five of them had to be sent to the hospital. the organization says, e.coli infected meat has been linked to beef products from adam's farm slaughterhouse in massachusetts. officials say that people in pennsylvania, massachusetts, connecticut, and west virginia, have all gotten sick. no deaths have been reported. >> clock 08 almost. in southwest philadelphia, the
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whole community coming together trying to bring prayer and hope and peace and calm after whole string of recent violence. >> the naacp along with community groups and resident marched for two and a half miles, all part of the hands across philadelphia event an effort to fight back against the violence in the neighborhoods. organizers say the goal of the peaceful march is to send a message every unity. >> the community is scared because we have cowards running around with guns. we have little children being shot down by stray bullets. enough is enough. and it is time to take back the streets of philadelphia, and take back the streets across this country. >> hundreds of people joined together, supported those strong words, and the march on 52nd street from baltimore to parkside avenue. all right, 7:08. so we all know, are you jumping on the wentz wagon? carson went, his star is rising. >> and now, two local guys are using his name to try and make some money and benefit a great cause. their big plan. we'll tell you about it coming
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up. >> plus gosh so many of us will be watching the presidential candidates, as we gear up for the first time both be on the same stage with the base between them, each candidate has a lot to gain and a lot to lose, so we'll break that down with our political experts in the studio in just a moment. >> and it is apparently national one hit wonder day. so we're listening to some of the music. sends us your one hit wonders. tweet us. also some eagles talk, eagles green. >> show us your pictures if you are getting ready for the game, we know it is not until 4:00 but show us what you're wearing and your eagles pride.
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♪ ♪ we'll be doing this all morning, so sends us your suggestions of your favorite one hit wonders. >> we have only months left in office. president obama face the first potential veto override of his presidency. >> yes, so, president owe bamm is is dealing with several thing as he deals with coming to the point with short time. but last week the president vetoed legislation that would have allowed families of vick times sue saudi arabia over its alleged ties to the 9/11 terrorist. white house says it sets a bad precedent, if you let us
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citizens in america bring this suit, then it opens up americans who are brought to office in foreign court including us diplomats and the troops, but it doesn't appear to be put be -- putting pressure on lawmakers? focused on the substantive long-term impact on our nation's national security. >> that's what's driving the position. that's what's driving the president's decision to veto this bill. not because it is politically convenient. it is not. >> think the family should have their day in court. i think the concerns that the president has expressed are very legitimate. the families think they've addressed many of the concerns in the legislation. >> the veto override vote will probably come later this week, to override veto two thirds of both the house and the senate need to ago agree, good luck with. that will expert say congress does have the vote. vice president joe biden is putting the campaign trail for hillary clinton next week, right here, in our city of philadelphia. the vice president is going to be pushing for people to
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register to vote. remember, the deadline, october 11. he's going to be at drexel university on tuesday. which is national voter registration day. so the public event begins 10:45. >> hillary clinton and donald trump are preparing for the much anticipated first presidential debate. just one day away. they'll face-off at 9:00 at hofstra university on long island, the clinton campaign said he's been practicing during mock debates. the trump team very very lit, candidates will be asked questions on three topic, america's direction, achieving prosperity, and securing our country. so we want to review that debate what we expect that happening, so we have the democratic consultant, desi, and rene armor. good morning, ladies. >> thanks for having us. >> this will be the most watched event in history of politics. >> it will be. >> rene, let's start with you. what are you expect to go see? policy or just kind of performance? >> performance. >> okay. >> performance. i this i that's what it is
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about. donald trump is about tv, now, and who he is, and what else. my thing, when i met with him, so you guys know, basically don't attack. okay? come out with sole policy things so people know what's really going on. >> do you think that's going to happen? >> you know what, you can attack but you don't have to attack in a negative way. you know what i mean, when were you calling people things they shouldn't have been called. use some fact with your information, and insight. >> rene -- >> playing on that, just let you all know. >> initially you were not a fan. you have met with him. >> yes, i have. >> what happened in that encounter? what was that like? what changed your minds? >> he had a meeting in philadelphia, with leaders, ministerial folks, i had never seen him so call until my life. he came with information. he came with facts. he came with solutions. he asked us what we wanted to hear from him. and he gave it. and it made sense. and i was real excited about that. so i was like okay, i'm working here slowly, whatever, i am going to the debate monday we'll see what happens.
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>> eleanor, the look on your face? >> you're supporting? you're supporting him. >> i know, going crazy. but let's be clear about hillary. >> what are you expecting? >> what i am expecting is his staff will be sweating bullets, because if he starts shooting from the lip again, which he usually does, and gives no specifics and what have you, this is what people want to hear now. as he goes off message, he goes on attack, it is not going to serve him well. i think what's going to happen is hillary is going to show her expertise as the united states senator being secretary of state, first lady, her experience, and the issue she cares about women, children, security, she was there at 9/11 when she was the senator, all of the first responders have been saying she gives the job, the secretary of state there is afternoon in the meeting with netanyahu. >> netanyahu, of course. >> and the reason being, israel is really our only ally in that area. and the jewish population is
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not happy with trump. so her meeting with netanyahu sends the message that she will continue the relationship with israel. >> did you see your face? take it back to your face? >> i think the tolls have tightened recently ever since big health scare on 9/11 with hillary clinton when she appeared to have collapsed. you had a candidate that was near and near to your heart, do you think it could hurt her? >> you know what, they explained, it was pneumonia. and you know what? i can under stands why she didn't talk about it. if i had something like that going on, if my leg was hurting, i'm going to keep going. that's just how women do it. oh, come on, rene. >> and that's how we talk about, donald trump, and this is your turn, we talked about trump and his miss steps. people go through that. but she didn't tell the truth about that. >> thank you so much. >> let's be clear here with the emails and everything else, bottom line is if you're sick, wait a minute, if you're
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sick, if you are sick and stuff, let people know. don't try to hide it. have some transparency, then people are like oh, here we go again. for example, i'm flaring doctors that it was really a stroke. so people are putting on their own little, just saying, people putting their own little message on this stuff. be honest. i can't say it publicly, just saying in conversation, bill. >> they're saul all kinds of things. >> that's why be honest, come out with it. >> let's be honest, when you have 24/7, social media. even campaign four years ago was not as opt as is this. it is unbelievable. it is 24/7 with everyone. i think that what's also happening is a lot of people that didn't pay attention before, they're really hurting in this country. and they're really paying attention. there are things like they haven't come out of the recession like they thought they would. okay? they're concerned about security. they're concerned about the fact that oh, we are really struggling with jobs in this country, they're going overseas.
7:19 am
so, people really are hurting in their own homes. and they're really paying attention to see who is going to help them. >> people are edgey, people are angry, too. folks didn't wasn't the establishment, that's all trump got in. >> we'll leave that, watch tomorrow night. i want to watch for one second, rene, big huge event, really national event in d.c. watch was that? >> amazing, african-american museum history and culture museum. it was phenominal in d.c. i didn't get back until 3:00 but i wanted to be here, but let me say everything they did was excellent. i was on the presidential commission where bush had put me on. and it is overwhelming. when you go, it was so emotional. i felt like crying. i mean, when go from slavery on up to what's going on now, but just could be real painful for some people. but you need more than a day. you need couple of days to go through, but it is fabulous, so thank you for bringing that up. >> thank you both for coming in. hopefully they can get along and talk about substance as well as we did here. >> oh, absolutely.
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ill know you guys. >> everybody has to stay on message. >> because eleanor and i don't stay on message. >> thank you. >> we appreciate t. >> scott, getting little hot over here, but cool for the weather. >> yes, some chilly changes, welcome change across the delaware valley. live look right now across allentown, showing you picture perfect conditions, a lot of sunshine, but definitely that fall chill is in the air. so, grab the jacket. grab the fall sweaters. it is 53 degrees right now in philadelphia. winds out of the north at 8 miles per hour. drawing down some of that cooler air. we are looking at high temperature only around 70 in philadelphia, down the shore, 70 degrees. the lehigh valley, likely stuck in the mid to upper 60s. as we take a look at ultimate doppler, high pressure, that is in control. so that will give us the wall-to-wall sunshine. cold front all the way to the south of us, take a look at the temperatures this morning. upper 40's, millville. forty-eight atlantic city. 49 degrees in trenton. low 40's right now in the
7:21 am
poconos. earlier this morning, the poconos had temperatures in the 30's. we are looking at 40 in syracuse, 49 in boston. weekend wendy halls the right idea. tailgating in south philadelphia, fly eagles fly. this afternoon for tailgating temperatures in the upper 60s, dry, breezy, definitely football weather. by kick-off, a temperature of 70. temperatures fall into the 60s, during the game. >> it is going to be dry for today. but by tomorrow night, into tuesday, we have a chance for some rainfall across parts of the area. as we look at the weather authority seven day forecast, below average temperatures, with that high today of 70. upper 40's, for the low temperature in philadelphia for tonight into monday. so, chilly start back to work. seventy-two tomorrow. then that rainfall chance monday into tuesday, but we keep those seasonable, temperatures across the area. >> beautiful sunrise out there, back to you. >> i like it. i'm good with 70s across the board, that's perfect wetter. >> it is, it is seasonal, just feels like fall, and it is.
7:22 am
thank you, scott. >> we talked about it a lot. yesterday people all over the city came together to celebrate in south philadelphia. >> but we always concentrate on the winers. a lot of people got their cars towed. obviously, what the heck happened to my car? why city officials say, well, good news, you'll be able to get your car back, and you don't have to pay any fines or tickets. >> plus, there is a case of pick your poison, phillies lose and the mets make the playoffs? altogether they win, and the nats make the playoffs. what happens? we'll tell but it, so much drama, we've got the update.
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>> l -- eight games left in 2016. >> they did well in new york, scored ten runs, at one point up ten to nothing. then gave up eight runs, but they still hold onto win. phils win this 110 to eight. and they knocked the mets out of the running for the nl east crown. but they hands philadelphia to the washington nationals. pick your poison. but they did win.
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let's take a look at sports in a minute. s in fox 29 in one minute. good morning, i'm sean brace, the eagles take on the steelers later today the keystone showdown, both teams are two and zero, if the eagles want to remain undefeated the defense knows they must be ready for a battle. >> you know, they're real physical, you know, dog fight pretty much. and, you know, for us, it is definitely one of those confidence builders games, because, you know, how good they can be. >> and local college football, penn state taking out fourth ranked, and penn state got old. here's a 40 yards touchdown run, to put michigan up 42 to ten. wolverines, come out on top 49 to ten. and the owls try to bounce back after a tough loss to penn state last week. here is temple quarterback philip walker scrambling around. broderick yancy for the 40-yard touchdown pass. puts temple up 24 to seven. temple scored 28 unanswered point, all in the
7:27 am
second quarter. temple comes out on top 48 to 40. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean brady.
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>> another example how the shots look great. doesn't it look like a
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beautiful day out there? >> i think the sunlight so beautiful when you get into the fall. gorgeous morning already, for playing your one hit wonders on this one ship wonder day. >> you're my sunshine. >> 7:30. let's take a look at some of the top stories this morning. it was a dream come true today, for walkers and bikers. this is yesterday. they put up all of the big trucks thereto block it all down. maybe see some walkers or runners or bikers. there they go. take it up. 10 miles of the city was closed off saturday for the city's first-ever philly three street day. this comes about a year, remember that, what started it all with all of the pope shutdown streets, what a great idea. let's try it again. and, more good news, the city says, if they towed your car in advance of having this open streets on saturday not going to be channel the. they towed more than 100 cars from south street. they admit a lot of mist communication, people were confused, some cars that should have just been relocated which they frequently do, were actually ticketed and towed. the city said they're
7:31 am
cancelling all of the tickets. up from already paid your towing fee, you will receive a refunds. >> north philadelphia saturday, city security officers rallied for higher wages. the officers who work in school district, office buildings and hospitalization, are asking for $15 per hour. they join airport and healthcare workers in the fight for higher wages. 7:31, it is a gorgeous day, scott. >> yes, looking at a lot of sunshine out there, temperatures are the colds he is they've been, since the spring. look at the numbers right now. we have 49 trenton. forty-nine millville. atlantic city upper 40's, look at philadelphia, a chilly 53 degrees on this sunday morning. and take a look at the forecast for today. so chilly start, bye buy this afternoon, we are only mustering up about 70 degrees, that's actually below average for this time of the year. we should top outright around 75 degrees. moderate risk for rip currents, down the shore, 70 degrees, a lot of sunshine, for tomorrow, mixture of sun, clouds, temperature tops out
7:32 am
in the low 70s. the poconos, a chilly start out there. you need the jackets, then by this afternoon, look at that, high of only 63. we will stay dry for today. but by tomorrow night, into tuesday, that is our next best chance for rainfall. so take a look, as we go hour by hour, high pressure is in control. nothing but sunshine for today. great tailgating weather along with football weather. but his rainfall will be moving in overnight monday into tuesday. back to you. thank you, scott. so, high hopes forecaster on wentz. i mean, he's done so well, totally delivering. everybody's talking about our birds right now, and our quarterback, and there are two guys from our area who say they're going to cash in on this. >> but not just about making a profit. part of the plan is to help some children who could really use a hand, our emmy award winning fox 29 photo journalist, bill roar has the story. >> with these check in picks in the 2016nfl draft, the philadelphia eagles select carson wentz.
7:33 am
>> hype surroundings philadelphia quarterback carson wentz, started long before the 2016nfl draft. >> i was looking at youtube video before the draft, and i look at the video and i just, i mean, wentz jumped off the screen. >> wentz has perform well above expectations in his first two games. he's even caught the attention of vice president joe biden. >> some of you may have seen joe biden at the eagles game. (cheers) he told me, barack, you got to get on the wentz wagon. >> social media lit up. everyone using hashtag wentz wagon on twitter after last monday night's win. >> we've been on it, you know, since the beginning. >> long time eagles fans christian clem i shall and lewis poe cito have applied for trademark. went wagon and wentz day. >> you can search any phrase, any term, on the us patent's website. and no one had wentz day.
7:34 am
nobody had wentz wagon. and so we applied for it. get the trademark. then it opens up doors of opportunities to get involved and eagles football. >> they are careening a fan website, a blog of sorts, where fans will have the opportunity to buy merchandise. >> t-shirts, caps, mugs, stuff like that, sell them to the fans. >> and 10% of the rev newspaper goes to children's hospital of philadelphia. >> with within sites, blogs, you have two regular guys who can engage in a enterprize like. >> this and include the whole community, whole city, the outskirts, everything like that. >> if carson went can keep the wentz wagon rolling for many, that will make eagles fans and business partners very happy. blue bell, bill roar, "fox 29 news". >> pretty cool. we have sad news. remember this do the right thing, spike leer, see radio raheem, actor bill nun who
7:35 am
played that character died at the age of 63, he died at his home in pittsburgh after battling cancer, the veteran character credits spiderman, you may remember him, to of course dot right thing. he got game and school days. his most famous character, was radio raheem from 1989 oscar nominated do the right thing. >> we have a question for you. do you feel a little bit, you know, under the weather all the time until i know you don't. you always are, you know, maybe you're not if you're home that could be making you sick. >> coming up the reasons why your house may leave you feeling ill. and the solution. what you can do about it. >> plus we all pack on a couple every pounds over the holidays. it turns out we really do. and we have the exact average weight gain that most of us tends to see. plus, this is a special request. hear it in the skype, one of our, one of our facebook ers and tweeters said can you play this song? you got it. >> we really like the one day wonders. approve this message.
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i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect? i can't say that either.
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>> welcome bang, one hit wonder, 176-3105. you know the number. >> how many people just randomly dial that. i wonder if anybody had that
7:39 am
number and had to cans tell. >> they d that's exactly what happened. >> like a dumb joke back in the day. >> we all did it. >> is jenny there? >> that actually happened. and they had to change their number. that will was the parkway. there is the puerto rican day parade happening on the parkway on this day. >> get out there and enjoy yourself. okay, moving on, police in london have arrest add man for hacking into pippa middleton's phone. authorities say the 35 year old man stole nearly 3,000 photos. the hacker contacted the sun newspaper, attempt to go sell the images for $65,000. not the smartest person in the worlds trying to sell something that you stole. but the hacker claimed to have racey photos of pippa's nude fiancee, and private photos of the dutchess of cambridge, and their family. >> could have made a lot of money and gotten away with it. in your health news this morning, already talking about the holidays, you can already see the stuff in the stores. newspaper study that confirms what we all know when our clothes get little tight.
7:40 am
we gain some weight during the holidays. >> the trend was seen in more than 1700 americans, within ten days of christmas, the average weight increased about half a percent. not too bad. previous stud advice shown that americans typically gain three to 5 pounds over the holidays. the study also found people who are weighing themselves frequently seem to loose those extra pounds faster. that makes perfect sense. people who are weighing themselves frequently are paying attention to their weight, and probably working out and watching what they eat. >> for me it has gun, yesterday, started with the whole linvilla. we had pie for breakfast, so delicious, warm, i'll be having pie today. we have wings. >> football season do it -- does it to me, it can't be the holiday weight. it is september. >> it is early start. >> excuses for our weight gain. >> and we sit inside and watch it. >> v because great new shows are debuting on this evening.
7:41 am
>> we have to show this guy in a second,. >> coming up: what the show stars have to say about why they think this is a show that everyone is going to love. >> all part of the animation domination. but it has got obviously real actors, too. and also, one hit wonders, taking a look at some of your comment. i would rather be by myself. that's a good one. >> i remember that, olds school philly. thank you for that one. cathy baker of course, alyssa ready for the eagles game. go eagles. >> oh, monte g, there there we go, let's go eagles, this, the steelers going down, baby baby. continue with the one hit wonder. >> ♪ >> ♪
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♪ >> ♪ >> welcome back, as we are celebrating one hit wonders, and beautiful morning, this
7:45 am
sunday is like gold. liquid gold. not liquid, but it's gold. go ahead. we did the big night last night. >> it was a big night last night. it was a special night in philadelphia for the television community, fox 29, was among the stations attending the 34th annual mid-atlantic emmy awards. there you see alex, there is mike anal eggs together, looking great. all dressed for it. taking the stage during part of the night. more than 600 guests attended the awards show at the marriott in center city. alex presented, actually, she had the opportunity to do. that will and our very own bill roar photo journalist took home not one but two emmy awards. >> also at the emmy awards our good friends, all of the glitz and glamor there, philly chit chat huey dillon. >> yes, very great glamorous event there, at the marriott. and when they started out they have a cocktail party. and alex and mike were there. one of my favorite shots is mike and alex went up to the
7:46 am
step and repeat, you know, that sign that has all of the names like what's going on. and so alex had this very sexy dress with this slit, and doing this angelina knee pop photo. and mike was -- he said i want some of. that will he got in there. >> oh, gosh. >> answer pull up his pant leg, you know it, didn't go over as well, but it made for a good photo. >> oh, let's see it. there we go. that's a good look. al sex rock that dress. >> gorgeous dress. >> mike with blue tux ad flow. >> did he. >> look at that morning team. >> sporting his blue. you know who else was there, tom louden. yes, take a look if he pictures, we have mike and alex, let's take a look, here they go. this is bob and his wife, carry. yes, they look so beautiful. i love everyone dressed up. >> very dressed up. you know what, oh, this is alyssa frick and jessica decline, our the vp and director of promotions and outreach. big wigs here at the station.
7:47 am
>> beautiful laid that's are there. and then this is tom louden now overview err of "the q" show. did he win an emmy last night. >> that's his wife. >> yes, and two years ago he won an emmy for good day. >> so were you there. you're there, experience all of this, the glitz, the glamor. looks like our people dressed up nicely. >> very nice. >> did we represent? >> we represented, yes. and afterward a lot of us went over to the after party at fieldhouse, and let our hair down, and danced. >> who got out of hands? spill the beans. >> no, no. >> he's not going to spill the beans. >> night at the open, a another thing where people dress today nine's, let's take a look. >> that's what i really loved. the opera philadelphia, gala was at dilworth park on friday night. and they really dress up to the nine's. and so it starts out with a cocktail party. i mean, lack at this outfit. that's what i love about it, and the opera always bridges out the people, really the fans yes, sir, and there was like 300 people there. they started out with a
7:48 am
cocktail party on dilworth park. then they went inside the tent where the catering did the catering, and this was for turn a dot, the new opera, place, right there, city hall. look at that how beautiful that was. so this week at philadelphia opera. and on october 1st they have a free opera, called opera on the mall, about a thousand people go. >> wow you. >> register on opera philadelphia's website. so anyone can go. and i've been there before. and it starts out, you get to meet the actors that are in the show. and afterward, also, so they took a trolley over to the academy at the dinner around 8:00. then at 11:00 they came back, to go to the after party. and they danced right there on dilworth park. >> they danced, they celebrated. now you are telling us, we know john is actually in town right now. who else is coming to town next couple of days this week? >> i know that tony gold win is going to make a couple of appearances for hillary clinton. that's a lot of the celebrities coming out for the
7:49 am
political season right now. >> any other big events you'll be covering this week. >> yes, going to feasible thursday night. it is a fundraiser for the fringe festival. also geno's steaks is celebrating 50 years. >> i saw the red carpet. that's going to be fun. that's coming up. >> five hour party saturday. and then after that i'm going to opera on the mall. >> we love that. thank you for coming in. how much fun. >> thanks so much. >> get the cameras ready, karen annually dress up and have our elegant on at the next event. >> cheese steaks coming up next saturday for genos, that will be fun. really, really high brow. you know what looks good? wilmington and scott williams. >> got to coordinate. >> thanks so much. this weather is picture perfect on this sunday morning. beautiful in wilmington and beautiful in philadelphia. take a live look at center city. a lot of sunshine out there. so have those sunglasses for the sun glare, looking at a chilly start, and a seasonable day. temperatures only topping out
7:50 am
around 70. low 50's, right now, wind out of the north at about 8 miles per hour, humidity in check at 66%. upper 40's, right now, atlantic city, 49 millville. forty-seven pottstown. mid 40's, in the lehigh valley. we will take you hour by hour. by 9:00 a.m., mid 50's, 65 degrees, by brunch. by 3:00 we might muster up enough to hit 70 degrees. and then turning chilly by the evening. great football weather by kick off. 70 degrees, temperatures falling into the 60s during the game. so grab that fall fleece. grab your shades, as well. by the afternoon, across the area, upper 60s to right around 70. then, chilly again, by tonight, into monday morning. upper 40's, likely in philadelphia, low 40's north and west. upper 40's, to low 50's as we move down the shore for tomorrow morning. high pressure, that's in full control. giving us all of the sunshine, but once again, we have rainfall chance monday night into tuesday. we could pick up quarter to half inch of rain before all is said and done.
7:51 am
that weather authority seven day forecast showing you 70 today. then that rainfall chance monday night into tuesday with seasonable temperatures. we will be right back.
7:52 am
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>> ♪ >> can't even get it n'sync. thank you. 7:54. newspaper at the move thinks weekends, we make the classic western there is one stars a listers danzel washington and chris pratt. >> our own kevin mccarthy fox's own has his take on the new mag sieve sent seven. >> hey everybody, it is kevin mccarthy, hooter geek outbar this week's brand new release the magnificant seven. one of the most and at this time pad -- anticipated film of the year. directed some of the most famous films in the past couple of years, training day obviously back in 2001, brooklyn finest, equalize earn, remake of the 1960 sturgis classic, with steve mcqueen, charles bronson, now, that movie was a remake of the 1954 film seven samiri. so this is like the second remake of that film. danzel washington, chris pratt, eat and hog, fin event
7:55 am
from full metal jackets, peter, haley bennett, all-star in antoin, the magnificant seven. tells the story of seven gunmen who come together to help a poor village. great cast, the cast is incredible. performance also phenominal. danzel washington nails this role. as a fan of him, i love man on fire, i loved films like john cube g, i think one of the best he's h the fill testimony self no where near as good as its cast if that makes sense. chris pratt great in the film no where near as guardians of the galaxy. the movie feels like flat soda. still tastes decent but the fizz is missing, it is missing that like a popping element to it. it feels overly long, does drag a little bit at times. i gave it though a three out of five. one of the biggest highlights is james horner's fantastic score. he obviously passed away tragically last june, when a plane crashed. but he had written seven or eight of the themes, and he gave them to antoin, well, his
7:56 am
team gave them to antoin, and those songs now exist in the movie, even danzel's theme sin credible, as well, i gave it three out of five, shot beautifully on 35-millimeter film t looks absolutely glorious. i just wish the film itself was as good as the cast, film making and the score writing. three out of five, and i'm kevin mccarthy fox news. and thank you so much, kevin. we've got a new show that premiers on fox 29 tonight. people can't stop talking about son of laurence coming up. we'll tell you what the show stars have to say, about why they think, you know, they'll love it. >> actually kind of funny. plus: feeling a little un the weather? all the time? believe it or not, it could be your house that's making you sick. coming up the reasons why your home may be leaving you feeling a little ill. what you can do about it, how you can fix it. and from social media. this one, enjoying a day at the academy of natural sciences on the parkway. thank you for sharing pictures. and this one from brian.
7:57 am
innermost beverages, inning, good day eagles. >> and 99 what?
7:58 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
7:59 am
what friends are saying about the heroes who paid the ultimate price to protect their community. >> plus police make arrest in the deadly mall shooting, the evidence police say they found what they took him into custody. and an eagles sunday. what the birds have to do to make it three in a row before the bye week. >> from the fox 29 studioses in good day philadelphia weekends. >> good sunday, we've been having a lot of fun with you playing one hit wonders,
8:00 am
showing off your eagles green. good morning again. >> good morning to you, karen hepp. scott, we've been talking about football. >> perfect football weather hopefully for perfect victory. >> feeling like fall this first full weekends of fall. we have football weather a lot of sunshine out there, as well, little chilly out there, so grab the jacket, the fall fleece, and also the sunglasses, a lot of sun glare out there, due to all of the sunshine. take a live look at the philadelphia skyline beautiful sunshine. look at those chilly temperatures. right now, 55 degrees, winds out of the north at about 8 miles per hour, humidity, in check, at about 62%. we'll have below average temperatures, so we are giving the weather a nine on scale of one to ten for today. look at the numbers right now. upper 40's, atlantic city, we have 49 millville. forty-nine in trenton. low 40's right now in the poconos. you're in the 30's earlier this morning. so, across the area, 70s, center city saying sunny, cool down the shore, 07 degrees,
8:01 am
mid to upper 60s, that's it, in the lehigh valley. so, what about that football kick-off forecast? 70 degrees, temperatures will drop during the game, into the 60s, but great tailgating, and football weather. coming up: we'll talk much more about this feeling like fall, regime, and also the coolest night since spring and when to expect some rain. now, here's a look at traffic. >> good sunday morning, everybody, if you are coming into the city, maybe for the eagles game later on, lincoln drive southbound down to one lane between green and wayne. doylestown was closed over the weekends, stretch at 313, it is open for this morning. so that's good news. are you ready for some football? eagles, 4:25, is the official kick off time. but you know we got to get down there early for some hot chocolate. make sure the grill works. some tailgating in the parking lot. we'll see you back here bright and early tomorrow morning, the jam cams, the forecast, let's go eagles. >> thank you so much, bob. in a community gathering
8:02 am
together following the devastating loss of two wilmington firefighters. both killed in the line of duty. now, they're coming together to find out exactly how they can show their support, and remember these individuals. >> and they're just throwing in so many different ways. both those heroes being remembered as brave men, devoted to their community, sabina kuriakose out there at the fire station, sabina? >> karen, you can see, behind me, the flag here at station six has been lowered. we know that lieutenant christopher leach was assigned to engine six. we're not far from the scene of yesterday's fire during which lieutenant leach and firefighter jerry fickes died in the line of duty. these are photos of firefighter fickes and lieutenant leach. so much grief as you mentioned throughout wilmington. and the extended community here. it appears that the firefighters rushed in to danger, believing that children trapped inside the home, floor of the row home that they were in, then collapsed, beneath their feet, trapping the two men. both were fathers, and veteran
8:03 am
firefighters, and a vigil yesterday family and friends and fellow firefighters gathered to grieve. they shared with us memories of both men. >> ♪ (thomas) ♪ >> i was with jerry's family all morning, i've known the leach family my whole life. everything we can do to help them out. that's what we'll do. >> in wilmington, we haven't lost a firefighter in the line of duty in decades. and two who were lost early late last night were by all accounts remarkable men. >> i know he was doing something that he loved and protecting us. you know, thank god there are people out there that are doing that. >> and back out here live now, four other firefighters were also injured during that incident yesterday. now we know at least one of those remains in the hospital. the others have been released, again, state fire marshall is
8:04 am
now investigating the cause and the circumstances of this fire to determine exactly what happened. back to you. >> thank you so much, sabina. 8:04, police in lehigh county remove suspicious package from outside a hotel during the second night of the celtic classic festival. officials were called out to the hotel bethlehem around 8:00 last night, about two hours later, a member of the bomb squad put the item into a bag, then walk away. officials aren't saying what they found. but the streets were reopened after police left around 10:15. the celtic classic is the largest celtic festival in north america. it wraps up today. violent night in baltimore. eight people were shot and investigators say revenge may have been the motive. there was a three year old, and also injured all of the gunfire, this all occurred just after 9:00. this is about a block from an outdoor fair in east baltimore. the eight victims were all rushed over to a hospital. police say they are expected to recover.
8:05 am
investigators say three gunmen currently on the loose. 8:05. and they have got the suspect accused of killing five people friday during a shooting at a mall in washington. he's expected to be in court tomorrow. police say, he walked into the macy's friday evening, and shot and killed four women and one man. officers recovered a hunting style rifle at the scene which they believe was used in the shooting. 8:00 # five, investigators say they've been unable to question new york and new jersey bombing suspect ahmad khan rahami because he still is in critical condition. they say he could be in the hospital for several more weeks, recovering from gunshot wounds, that he received during a police shoot-out in elizabeth. f.b.i. agent are bedside waiting for him to be conscious so that they can speak with him. us customs and border patrol questioned rahami in march 2014 upon his return from a year long trip to pakistan. the fbi investigated. but they found no ties to terrorism at that time. now, authorities say, that the afghan-born terror suspect had
8:06 am
planned bombings for months, ordering materials on ebay. police in charlotte have released new video taken during the fatal shooting of keith lamont scott. one from an offers here was wearing a body camera, and did not shoot the other from a patrol car dash camera, which did show the actual shooting. police also revealed photos of the gun they say was recovered at the scene, along with angle holster they say scott was wearing, and drugs that were found on him. the new video still only shows a partial view of the incident, that led to the death of the 43 year old. what we're giving you is the most complete puzzle that we can without trying the case out in public. the footage itself will not create in anyone's mind absolute certainty as to what this case represents and what the outcome should be. >> police responding to public demand to actually see the video. but it is still uncertain from the video whether or not keith
8:07 am
scott was actually holding a gun. 8:07. we've got an important warning, this is about e.coli. it is for our area. officials at the cdc say outbreak of e.coli had sickens seven people. five of them had to go to the hospital. that is the manufacturer of problem. the organization says e.coli infected linked to beef products from adams farms slaughterhouse, up in massachusetts, but people here in pennsylvania, massachusetts, connecticut, west virginia have all gotten sick. no deaths have been reported. and here in southwest philadelphia a community comes together hoping to bring peace and calm after recent violence in the area. >> just had too many shootings there. now the naacp along with community groups and people marched for two and a half miles, called the hands across philadelphia event. it is an effort to fight back against all of the violence plaguing this neighborhood, organizer say the goal of the peaceful march is to send a message every unity. >> the community is scared because we have cowards running around with guns. we have little children being
8:08 am
shot down by stray bullets. enough is enough. and it is time to take back the streets of philadelphia and take back the streets across this country. hundreds of people joined in the march on 52nd street from baltimore to parkside avenue. it is an eagles sunday, as the birds prepare for a keystone state show-down against the steelers. >> what our eagles need to do to stay on top of big ben and the black and goal. >> one of the most important grades you'll ever receive, well, not your high school grades, we're talking about your credit score. so coming up some simple tips to make sure your credit score is in tip top shape. >> thank you for sending in your comments and your pictures, e-a-g-l-e-s, getting ready for some football. >> looking good, ready for the game. drone photo from chalfont. look at. that will great picture, thank you, ray, for sharing it with us. >> this one, one hit wonder day, oh, radar love. that's gold one by golden earring. maybe we'll wrap that one up
8:09 am
from our juke box. >> we always ask what you'll be doing, this is what he'll be doing later, out on the ocean enjoying couple of last days. >> we're a little jelly. i love this one. thank you, gianni. i love watching you and bill together. like that brother that makes you shake sure head. but you join in. because he is too much fun. thank you. >> that's you. >> ♪
8:10 am
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8:12 am
must be in the mood for weddings going on really too long, and i'm ready to go home. that's what i think of with this song. >> out, out, cross, in, in. all right, hundreds of runners and walkers joined chris o'connell at central park in doylestown, this is a great one, the stary night philadelphia 8.5 run last night, raises $40,000 for the pediatric brain tumor foundation, there is chris and seeing this event. childhood brain tumor survivors and their families were honored at the lantern wall, so touching. more than 300 runners and walkers took part. >> when we were younger we got report cards. we new exactly how we were doing in subjects like english, math and science. as adults we have report cards, as well. you have a report card? report card we're talking
8:13 am
about now, karen all smiles, because it is about credit records. >> like mike said. >> her credit better than mine. let's fine out what's going on credit reports. let's cash in. >> how about few tips on how to run up the score? not talking about this score, talking about your credit score, super important as you know, not just to get loans but to get a job. even to lease an apartment. here is a few ideas to help you boost your score starting today. >> the first and most important thing you can do when it comes to boosting your yesterday the score, pay those bills on time. you don't want delay of penalty game. so important thing is clear off the dining room table, get caught up on those bills, you'll see, your score will go right up. next thing is you want to look at history. i'm not talking about that boring stuff you studied in seventh grade with mr. green. i'm talking about your credit history. here's how it works the longer you have credit the more point you get so the idea get credit.
8:14 am
easiest way open up retail credit cards, target, wal-mart, sears, will help boost your credit and build your credit so the history piles up. finally you want to watch the number of players you have on the field. here's what i mean. 10% of your yesterday the score depends on how much credit you have out there. the more credit cards you have out, there the more mortgages, the more student loans, the lower your score. so, be careful when you apply for new credit, resist that ten sayings when going to the cashier line to open yet another credit card to get a discount. decline the penalty. so there you go. you know your credit score is super important. now you have got some tips to boost it and win the game. >> hey, carson? i'm cashing out. >> time now is 8:14, on this sunday, taking live look at allentown, a loft sunshine out there, it is a chilly start. , have those shades. in fact the colds he is start
8:15 am
since spring, look at the poconos, low this morning, 37 reading 45 atlantic city 47 trenton upper 50s along with wilmington, philadelphia, we bottom out at 53 degrees. right now it is upper 40's, as we move toward the lehigh valley and the poconos, mid 50's philadelphia, low 50's right now down the shore. so, planning your day as we go hour by hour, looking at those temperatures by brunch, right around 65 degrees. so, grab light jacket, those fall fleece z, by the afternoon, high around 70. football at the linc. looking at football weather temperatures falling to the 60s, throughout the game, so once again, grab those light jackets. high pressure, it is prominent and dominant. a lot of wall-to-wall sunshine across the area, dry for now, do have rainfall chance. not tonight. not tomorrow. as we move toward tomorrow afternoon, the clouds will be rolling in tomorrow's dry, overnight monday into tuesday, watching that frontal boundary move in with some more
8:16 am
beneficial rainfall. so once again, the time something monday night into early tuesday. >> anyone quarter to half inch of rainfall is expected across the area. that will weather authority seven day forecast, showing below average high of 70 today. we should top out this time of year around 75 degrees, another chilly evening, for the overnight, bottoming out at 49 in philadelphia, low 70s, for tomorrow, mixture every sunday and clouds, and that rainfall monday night into tuesday, with a look at the temperatures, in that seven day forecast, we are not looking at 80s, no heatwave. i think we've turned the corner, finally, bill, feeling like fall. and i love it. i'm all good with 70s across the board, thank you, scott. all right, it is time to bring in one of our fox 29 junior reporters, we always play like from villanova, one of our interns, now junior reporter. good to see you. >> nice to see you, bill. >> you have important stories today? >> i do have important story today. so yesterday i went to the saint jude walk in philadelphia.
8:17 am
now there is event happens at 61 locations across the united states. but, i met a pretty special group of girls at the philadelphia zoo yesterday. take a look. day full of walking, running, fundraising and endless smiles all in an effort of childhood cancer. but for one villanova student this event is extra special. >> chris continue just 21 years old, but she knows what a big impact she can make as the head of philanthropy for try delta, sorority which focuses its fundraising on saint jude. >> just means offering me, in my daily life i wake up, there is usually something going on, so it has really become so much of my being. >> villanova try delta chapter the number one fundraising sorority for saint jude in the northeast. these girls raised over $80,000 for the cause last year alone, but for kristin, it is much more than numbers. >> she really feels strongly about supporting the community and doing something good,
8:18 am
working hard for a good cause. >> kristin spent countless hours getting ready for the walk. her favorite fundraiser of the year. >> it means so much. because you just see so many faces coming together. and to just think back when i was at saint jude, to see all of the patients that were, there how much they're struggling, i can see their faces in everyone that's coming in to register and everyone that's running. >> now, kristin leads 170 of her try delta sisters in a event telling cancer to take a walk. >> kristin inspires me to just simply and better person, because everything that kristin does is for the good of other people. >> you're showing me this? >> this is it. >> try delta. >> great job. she is really committed to helping. >> yes, she absolutely is. and i spoke with kristin yesterday. she did mention that she is now planning kick ball tournament in the spring to raise money for the same cause. she keeps very bus. >> i can we get a fox 29 team in that. >> oh, we totally should. >> do it. >> another great story. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and if you know of a great
8:19 am
story that you would like us to talk becomes you can send your suggestions, put them on our facebook page, twitter account, just use our #fox29goodday. we will be right back. >> i was going to show you about this new show we've got. you will want to see it. kind of funny, like our sunday night line up, coming up what the show stars have to say about they think the show will be that a loft will you really like. plus also, let's say happy birthday, barbara walters fab 87. >> and michael douglas celebrating 72, so happy birthday michael douglas. >> how about this? his wife born on the exact same day, kate rink zeta-jones, 47. >> fill tees own shout out to will smith. celebrating 48 years. happy birthday, will. philly represents. >> and looking at your pictures, thank up, listen to our one hit wonders. hey mickey. let's go birds. time to dominate our wentz wagon. >> from julie, fly eagles fly. that is zach, swoop, kyle,
8:20 am
ready for the game. and representing fox 29 goodday. >> and philip says cool, glamorous light, good one. >> you got it. >> maybe we'll get that. hear lauren, calling glover y remember that one? way back machine. >> you went olds school. check out the lottery numbers.
8:21 am
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8:23 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> yerkes did i play this one. gloria, lauren bran began, request philadelphia, and thank you, we can play your songs, as women. use the #fox29goodday. we have special guest joining us right now. >> this is going to show, i think, actually pretty cool idea, two worlds including when they do the animated sit comes, but have real live action people together. they're all working it out, one show called the son of zorn. >> so live action animation, hybrid show, sure to bring plenty of laughs, son of zorn,
8:24 am
they say fans are going to love this show. >> it is a really funny show. and when you first watch it, you think i don't know what i am looking at, because it is so, you know, just not used to seeing an animated character in the real world. and it takes awe second, and then, i don't know, 202nd into it, you're not even thinking about it because zorn is so funny, and the show is pretty hilarious. >> crazy. i've seen the trailers, seen some of the promos. actually going to be really funny show. make sure to check it out. the series premiere of son of zorn tonight at 8: 30, right here on fox 29. i was speaking zorn. >> he is a big man, now this man has been getting you can imagine in the news room having a lot of fun. he showed up at my desk yesterday, we have our zorn. corn. >> not sure i appreciate the way he is looking.
8:25 am
>> ya. >> scared of you. >> this is zorn corn? >> yes. >> animated. >> oh. i like the way they go right after football, so tonight all of the fun beginning at 8:00. have the simpson's, then the series premiere show, son of zorn, season premiere of family guy which we love at 9:30 the season premiere of last man on earth. of course we'll have the news at 10:00 right after that. >> i can tell you the show is much better than zorn corn. so make sure you check it out. it is going to be a great night. still not sure i like the way he is looking at me. feeling little under the weather all the time? believe it or not it could be your house. that's making you sick. >> but we've got reasons why this could be happening and what you can do to fix all of that. plus: eagles sunday, as the birds prepare for a keystone state showdown against those steelers. coming up what the eagles need to do to stay on top of big ben, and the black eagles. >> and say no, no, no
8:26 am
commercials, lays down until he hears karen's voice again. oh, thank you. >> achy breaky heart in the background. >> philly -- billy ray cyrus. major star. >> i'll take it. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ warning. this commercial contains brief moments of product nudity. stripped of chocolate. its peanuts exposed around a soft caramel center. a payday bar will get you through your day. expose yourself to payday.
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(voand exceptional customerity pre-ownservice,les... head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> she was an actress for a hot second. >> this was scott williams special request for our one hit wonder. and continuing. scott? >> there you go. >> the weather is not a one hit wonder. because i think we have turned the corner. we're fenly feeling like family across the area. >> let's jest take live look right now, now we have my mike. the philadelphia international airport, it is a lot of sunshine out there. temperatures are pretty chilly. 55 degrees right now. winds out of the north at 8 miles per hour. so, some of the coolest weather we've seen since may across the delaware valley. upper 40's right now, in the poconos, low 50's, in millville. look at weekend wendy. she has the right idea. fly eagles fly. tailgating weather.
8:30 am
looking pretty good. she has the shades for all of the sunshine. temperatures, though, for tailgating this afternoon will be in the upper 60s. great football weather across the area. by kick-off, looking at temperature right around 70 degrees, temperatures dropping into the low 60s, during that game. so, definately grab that fall fleece. so, across the area, for today: seventy center city, sunshine, down the shore, temperature of 70, lehigh valley right around 67. and we will keep that fall chill going. so, wall-to-wall sunshine, as we go hour by hour for today. dry, quiet, for tonight, another chilly night, then clouds, roll in, during the day monday, but we stay dry. that next chance for rain, arrives at we move toward monday night, into your tuesday, but once again, look at those temperatures staying in the 70s, and in that seven day forecast, back to you. >> scott, thank you so much. it is time to talk sport right now. and we are excited. eagles did it again, two weeks ago, with the win against the browns. they it last week win against the bears. so can our birds go zero and
8:31 am
three before the bye week? what do we need to do to beat those steelers today? >> of course joining us to talk about if our own, got good ring to it, hey hey, sean brace here with us. good morning, sir. >> good morning, got to score more points for the pittsburgh steelers. they got to win. can they do it? this is ream. like it is is legitimate superbowl contender coming to town today. >> it is every year past five, six seasons, talk about the superbowl, talks about the steelers, because of the high powered offense. it is fair if you want to look at the eagles first two victories, level of competition, the brown's and the bears. not the best two teams out there. that's for sure with the effort we saw specially from jay cutler starting quarterback from the chicago bears. you know the ers are good, but at the eagles, it is only a three-point, three and a half point spread, as far as may is concerned, so telling you you have a chance, eagles can win this game. dow believe so. >> so what do they have to do? what do you think will happen today? >> i think comes down to defense karen, i real dishes if the defense gets out there, bet roethlisberger and bring
8:32 am
him down. >> so tough. >> he is so big. 's linebacker. linebacker and quarterback, he is a linebacker's body playing quarterback. that's what he is. that's what he's known for. extending plays, shoving defensive linemen off, and throwing the ball down field, 50, 06 yards, doing antonio brown one of the best receivers in the game. if you are able to limit him on that, that's how you beat the pittsburgh steelers. >> i was down temple tailgate talking to people. right now the patience level is still there. but this is because we're winning everything right now. if he hits a hard patch, one, do you think the rook can i hands it will in carson wentz, two, will the fans hand it will? >> that's the first comes to my minds when you start talking about carson wentz, he hasn't felt turbulence any. he'll two, three interception game. he is going to throw a pick six, then what happens? what type of quarterback are we talking about there? i think he is mentally strong, mentally stable. i don't know for some odd reason i get north dakota people, like strong people. >> i think they are strong. i don't think they get into the hype. they don't believe the hype when everyone is talking about
8:33 am
them, i'm still the same old me as i've always been, and i think the trends sets out. predictions for the game today? >> predictions i go 27-23. i think pittsburgh comes out on top. i do. but lie i can said i won't be shocked if the eagles do win this game. just think it is a little tougher test for the eagles this early in the season? we will break it all down, talk about everything that's going on. we do have a pole question. here is the run down. game day live of course we will all be there at 10:00 with howard and g cobb and sean and the crew, fox nfl sunday comes on at 11:00. redskins-giants. another game. we get to clear for both of them to lose. >> i know. >> and then the wrap support sunday. >> so the pole question: do you have fate the eagles will go three and zero today? what do you think about this one. >> let us know your thoughts on any of our media ways. use our #fox29goodday. let's discuss it, are they going to do it today. we'll find out. >> do you have the fate? i believe.
8:34 am
there you go. >> all right, thank up, coming up: he's been president for almost eight years and on his way out of office. >> but now president obama faces first veto override, why congress says they're just trying to protect the american people. >> plus: could your house be responsible for making you sick? could there be mold? could there be issues? what experts say you should do right now that can change that, and keep you health any this year. i'm going around the house.
8:35 am
8:36 am
8:37 am
welcome back, time to take you around the house, is your home making you sick? we have mike from social services here. good morning. a loft people say they have issues with mold, their problems, or constantly having a cough. make your house is to blame?
8:38 am
>> that's a good question. what do you think makes your house, a new err house makes you sick and older house makes you sicker? >> oh, i'm say a new err house, because it has more of the chemicals, maybe in the carpet and the things? why is that the case? >> well, the new ones are all sealed up very tightly. so it is almost like putting a trash bag over top of the house. nothing can escape. so then we go down, we have the carpets, obviously, but we also use household chemicals. and the chemicals cannot leave the house. right? even one every these says it is harmful to humans. so, then we have vinegar, which helps, things like that. but we just had a call to a customer's home that they were going to the doctors over and over and over again. they didn't know what it was. >> what was it? >> finally called us out. we found low leches of carbon monoxide in their home. >> where did it come from? >> yes, came from actually came from their house being so tight, your heating system uses some of the area in your home, if you have no way to let fresh air in, it draws it
8:39 am
home into a vacuum. so then we found it was actually pulling the fumes out of the heater and putting it into the home. >> what do you do make sure your house isn't making you sick? >> we have fresh air intake, we bring air properly from outside. control the air that's coming inside t gets treated. it gets filtered. so we get all of the bad harmful toxins and pollutants out of the air. >> you brought this enormous thing. what is this enormous thing? >> air filtration unit, known clean dust, mold, bacteria, viruses actually cleans the air in the home. >> where would you put this? >> would get mounted on the furnace. we have room models as well you can sit in the room. it will actually filter out bleaches and lie sole in the air. >> good to know. how about my duct? i always worry about. that will that's where always changing the fillers and, you know, what do i do with my duct? >> gate question. so the duct usually very dirty. we come in here, we can actually do whole duct cleaning. the problem with that is if we don't stop the dust from
8:40 am
getting in, there the dunk will just get dirty again. so we want to stop t we want to end it. we want to clean it. then we to will stay clean once proper filtration. >> more air, good filtering. >> absolutely. thank you, i appreciate t thank you so much. >> have a great day. >> thank you, it is 8: 40. we will be right back. keep showing us your eagles green.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> one day wouldn'ter? >> it could be. >> really well known song. >> well, they're all -- who did this? who is behind it? >> no idea. >> oh, the archie's, of course, how about that one? an aloft us know the songs. only one big hit. this is the parkway walk-run. >> this kick off at 6:30. looking good. they're raising money for childhood cancer. fundraiser for the children's hospital of philadelphia. >> nice day. they got a great morning for it. >> all right, 843 with only months left in offers, president obama faces first potential veto override of his presidency. >> last week the president vetoed legislation, that would have allowed the families of victims to sue saudi arabia, over its alleged ties to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the white house says it sets a bad precedent if you let us citizens here, in this country, bring suit against a foreign country, that it opens up americans who are a broad to lawsuits in foreign countries. including us diplomats, and even our troops. but the white house doesn't
8:44 am
appear to be putting pressure on lawmakers. >> we're focused on the substantive long-term impact on our nation's national security? that's what's driving the position. that's what's driving the president's decision to veto this bill. not because it is politically convenient. it is not. >> i think that members think the family should have their day in court. and i think the concerns that the president has expressed are very legitimate. the families think that they've addressed many of those concerns in the legislation. >> the veto override vote will probably come mid to late this week. two thirds of both the house and the senate need to agree. experts say congress does have the votes. both hillary clinton and donald trump are preparing for the much anticipated first presidential debate, just a day away, facing off at 9:00 tomorrow night, hofstra university on long island. clinton campaign said she had a has been practicing during mock debates. meanwhile trump team says a
8:45 am
lot of preparation, in fact, bragging he's not doing t candidates will be asked questions on three topics. america's direction, achieving prosperity, and securing america. and speaking on those topics, a lot of people will be paying attention to the substance of the upcoming debate. what will you hear from the candidate? so to break it down just little bit, what they stand for, what they are speaking about, let's start with donald trump. of course the republican presidential candidate. his big thing: build a wall along the us-mexico border. will he elaborate, expand upon that, talk about howell guess mexico to pay for it? from economic stant point he's been saying a lot about us china relations, talk about china as currency manipulate err, basically holding them accountable for he says suppressing their economy. he wants to simplify the tax code, stop all of the loopholes, make sure people are paying, and a big one, repeal the affordable care act. he says, that that will help restore economic freedom. on the other side, looking at
8:46 am
what we may hear from hillary clinton, he wants to invest in infrastructure, roads, bridges, telecommunications, that's been a big point of hers, can sheehy lack rate on it? address inequality, propose 100 days jobs plan. she wants to point out the fact that donald trump's ideas will promote inequality, she says, are devisive, she says she has better plan. restore basic fairness to the tax code. the rule, she wants the rich to pair their fair shine, finally, huge contrast between the two, he wants to expand the affordable care act, and develop a public option. so there are big differences between the two of them. as they square off in the upcoming debate tomorrow. remember, donald trump and hillary clinton, they do face-off in that debate tomorrow night. it begins at 9:00 p.m. afterward, you can join us for "fox 29 news" at 10:00. we've got all of your coverage. so stay with us. this weeks on fox new sunday as trump and clinton get ready for monday's first
8:47 am
presidential debate, we will ask republican runningmate mike penned how trump is preparing for the biggest night so far of his political career. and as hillary clinton gets ready, we will speak with chief strategist, joel, about her game plan for taking on trump. plus, we will ask our sunday panel about this week's police shootings in the violent protest. and our power player of the week. this week. on fox news sunday. >> scott, beautiful. i just think the sun on these september mornings is just off the charts beautiful. scott? >> yes, a loft sunshine out there, karen, also looking at some of the coolest air we've seen since the spring out there, a loft sun glare, so have those shades. also, you might want to grab the fall fleece if you are stepping outdoors. look at some of the morning lows, across the area. thirty-seven this morning. mount pocono, reading, 45, atlantic city, 47. we were in the low 50's, in center city. soap, right now, still looking at temperatures upper 40's,
8:48 am
north and west. we have 48 in allentown, 49 pottstown, low 50's, right now, in atlantic city, 54, in wildwood. so, sunday services headed to brunch. temperatures little chilly this morning. by this afternoon, the high temperature of 70. that's 5 degrees below where we should top out for this time of year. headed to the link, football weather, perfection, 70 at kick off. temperatures dropping into the low 60s, during the game. down the shore, moderate risk, today, of some rip currents, high uv indexes, so have the sunscreen, 70 the high today, tomorrow, breezy, with clouds, increasing late in the day. the poconos, after a chilly start, we are looking at temperatures topping out in the low 60s by the afternoon. now, a we talk about the rainfall chances over the next several days, monday night into tuesday, it really starts to ramp up. as we watch our next system approach, a cold front, that will kind of reinforce the seasonable temperatures, but we take you hour by hour. high pressure, in full
8:49 am
control, so really dry weather, dry for tomorrow, but clouds, starts to increase from the west, and then monday night into tuesday, we are watching for that front to bring maybe quarter of an inch, to half inch of rainfall before all is said and done. the weather authority seven day forecast, showing below average high today of 70. seventy-two for the high temperature tomorrow. low to mid 70s, for that seven day forecast, and then another rainfall chance as we move toward thursday of next week. back to you. >> glenn gross, today we are going to do a little bit tennessee hot wings, coming up probably one of the best tailgating ever going to find. jumbo wings to me is eight to ten wings per pound. wings marinading in three, four cups of hot saws, about quarter cup every brown sugar, about a tablespoon of kian pepper, cup and a half of water. let it marinade 24-48 hours in
8:50 am
the fridge. so wings marinading 24-48 hours, we will start the flowering and breading process. so let's take our wings. drain them little bit. put them in your bowl. you want that marinade to really penetrate the wings and you are going to get a nice hot spicy flavor inside the wings. there you go. twenty-four wings. just like that. we take little bit of the seasoning. this is done to taste. so little bit of garlic, little bit of grab late dollars onion, a little bit of seasoned salt, pinch of black pepper, and one of my favorites, montreal chicken seasoning. all we do with this, just mix things up. just to get little flavor on those wings. little bit of each seasoning will do it to taste. and i happen to like a little lighter flavor on the wings, but i happen to like the flour more seasoned. so we put more seasoning in the flour in just a second. make sure they're mixed up
8:51 am
well. start off with four to four and a half cups of flour. take the same seasoning we just used, about two stable spoons of granulated garlic. tablespoons of granulated onion. about the same flour season salad, 2 tablespoons of black pepper, montreal chicken season, and your kay and pepper. we mix it real well with our seasoning. make sure it is really well blended. and there we go. your wings are ready to go here. just some flour in there. and just mix them all up. you just want to get the nicely coated. put it even if you can. and there is a little tough to do. so when you see these little red spots, you are going have to add little more flour. so don't be afraid to add the flour. so, just keep mixing little bit more. and we are just about ready to go. we can fry neice guys in just about a minute. so we will fry these, do them
8:52 am
350 degrees, obviously a lot of you don't have friers. put them in a frying pan, with about inch and a half of oil in it. and you want to get it to about 340, 350 degrees. so we are red to fry these guys. take you over to the fryier and get them cooked. easy process, put the basket in. very simple chicken wing, set it for a second, lay it in. just like that. and we will put about ten, 12 wings per basket. so, these wings are going to take about ten, 12 minutes. then they're going to be spicy, crispy, crunchy, and actually going to top them with a very special sauce. lucky enough to have a friday err at home, pick them up half way through, shake them. if you don't, and you have to do it in the pan, give them little stir, about halfway through. now it is time to go make our sauce while these bad boys are frying. this is spicy wing sauce that actually goes on top of the fried check end. really simple to make. so all we need is about
8:53 am
quarter cup of cayenne pepper, cup and a half of brown sugar, about 2 tablespoons of crushed red pepper. and add tablespoon of granulate the garlic. 2 tablespoons of kosher salt. about tablespoon and a half of liquid smoke. about quarter cup of cider vinegar. cup or so of vegetable oil. and about a half cup of water. very simple. all we do, mix it up. i actually like to make this a day ahead of time, let it sit in the fridge. but if you need it right away, go ahead. so, the sauce is done. let's go check our wings. oh, they are good. let's drain them lit bit. shake them. there we go. one, two, so now time to sauce these guys. than is a very simple procedure. take a handful of wings. very simple.
8:54 am
ten is fine to start with. take your salt. give it a quick stir. right over the wings. don't kill it with sauce. sauce it. it enhances the flavor. you don't want it to overwhelm it. garnish. little bit of onion. and some sweet pickles. there you go. this is absolutely a great football dish. a great tailgating dish. to watch the game at home, easy to make, and great. now it is time to taste it. >> crunchy, sweet, spicy, my goodness, great wings. this has been your fox good bites. >> this fox 29 program is sponsored by morgan and morgan. for the people. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
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>> beautiful morning for sunday football. you've been sending in your pictures all morning long, thank you. >> here we go, geared up and ready to see the birds. >> i love this baby picture. thank you, melissa, big fan of babies. our little guy wesley is ready for the big game. go birds. >> everybody fired up on eagles victory. this is fly eagles fly, on the wentz wagon, always remain optimistic at my eagles.
8:58 am
>> thank you for spending your sunday with us, we appreciate t have a great day. go eagles.
8:59 am
9:00 am
i'm chris wallace. charlotte police release video of the shooting of keith scott. and the first presidential debate is now just hours away as trump and clinton get ready to go head to head for the first time. on the eve of the big face-off, we'll ask republican running mate, indiana governor mike pence, how trump is preparing for the biggest night so far of his political career. >> they say she's been practicing for the debate. some people think she's sleeping. >> and as hillary clinton gets ready, we'll speak with her chief strategist joel benenson about her game plan for taking on trump. >> we're all going to be glued to our chairs. >> plus, clinton and trump weigh in on race and policing after the latest shootings. >> it's


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